HEYL CrossFit Testimonials

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HEYL CrossFit strives to deliver the best methods for improving your training performance, our members find they push themselves harder and are able to achieve much more than they thought possible.

Take a look at what our community think…

Jady Challoner

I’ve always been intrigued by CrossFit and have a friend who constantly asked me to go along for the free taster. But I thought ‘no, it’s not for me’.

I then won a months free unlimited membership in a raffle and thought, why not give it a go! Not expecting to enjoy it or even stick to it.

I won’t lie, it’s one of the toughest physical things that I’ve ever done but I absolutely love it!

I won the membership in June and signed up in July. I haven’t looked back since!

You go through different emotions when at the box. Firstly anticipation (or dread!!) of what the wod is going to be, fear when you see it, exhaustion when doing it and then shear joy and satisfaction when it’s completed!

Ted (the coache) takes his time to explain and demonstrate and are always there for advice. Their knowledge shines through.

The community is like no other that I’ve experienced. Everyone has got your back and helps you through the wods.

There’s such a lovely feel to the place.

I cannot recommend HEYL CrossFit enough!

Becky Gordon

Absolutely adore HEYL Crossfit. Coaches Ted has created something very special here. It is run very professionally with everyone’s best interest at heart. Ted is an amazing coach, he makes you feel at home and pays attention to every detail when coaching you. Getting your technique right and helping you every step of the way. You can approach him easily with any questions or extra help until you get it right, if you need it. He coaches my three kids in the teens classes and what a great job he does. He’s very welcoming. He engages them straight away with his style and they enjoy every session. The kids love him. Its great to see them having so much fun as well as getting sweaty! The special thing about this place is the community spirit, I’ve made so many new friends and everyone is lovely. What can be better than feeling both great physically and mentally by working out and having a laugh with your friends. It’s my happy place. Joining HEYL Crossfit is one of the best thing I’ve ever done. Give it a go, you won’t regret it.

Hannah Drew

I joined HEYL CrossFit in December 2017 after fancying a change from my usual spinning/gym routine. I’d heard really good reviews about this box in particular and it soon became apparent why it was rated so highly – a combination of supremely knowledgable coaches, well structured classes and an awesome community of talented people. During the fundamental session when you first join, the coaches explain each element and movement involved in CrossFit and how this will benefit you, not only for your training performance, but also for simple tasks in every day life, such as carrying your heavy bags of shopping or doing the house work. The coaches have a keen eye for detail and always ensure that you can move well with the bar in each movement before letting you add any weight to reduce the risk of injuring yourself which is another reason that this box has such a high reputation. In just 11 months I’ve seen an overall increase in my strength and fitness, hitting PB’s regularly, and a change in my body composition. I thoroughly enjoy being apart of the HEYL CrossFit community alongside a number of my family members and the lovely friends I’ve made along the way. There simply isn’t anywhere else I would rather train.

Sara and John Barnes

After getting stuck in a rut, coming home from a days work, watching tv and eating badly every night, it was the enthusiasm of our son Bradley when returning from HEYL CrossFit that gave us the motivation to come along and see what they provided.

We arrived with 0% motivation at the start but within seconds Ted’s positive attitude and complete will for you to do well was infectious.

Everything is made to look possible with all exercises broken down into scalable options. Everything from weights to sandbags, to climbing up ropes keeps us coming back for more.

In fact we now both do four nights a week and after 6 months of membership without doubt after every session with Ted you are buzzing when you leave and can’t wait for the next session.

The impact in joining HEYL CrossFit has had on our lives is immense. It’s not just loosing the 2 1/2 stone!!!! But we haven’t felt this fit and active for many years. HEYL CrossFit is like no other gym, with the exceptional coaching and unbelievable community feel with every single other member willing you on, no matter what scale you are at keeps you returning for more ……..

Thank you not only to Ted but also to the whole HEYL CrossFit community for your support.

Jodie Walmsley

Make no mistake, HEYL CrossFit is like no other gym. I have never been into any kind of fitness really but I have found my thing in CrossFit and love seeing my body change for the better.

At HEYL CrossFit you not only get amazing coaches who are experienced in what they do and are passionate about it but they also care about you as an individual, whether you are a beginner or an experienced cross-fitter, you will get the help and tools you need to smash your individual goals and to take care of your body whilst doing so. This combined with the awesome community spirit where everyone is genuinely rooting for you and great programming is the reason myself and my husband have been at HCF from day one and would not want to train anywhere else. You are welcomed by not only the coaches but the whole community from the outset where training is fun and you are taught the skills to train safely and in a supportive, encouraging environment.

Not only that but with the introduction of the CrossFit Kids programme at HCF our two young boys also get to join in the fun after so long watching us train and they absolutely love it. Coach Ted who runs the CrossFit Kids sessions is absolutely brilliant with the children, he engages so well with them all and ensures they are learning the importance of movement in a safe and fun way.

It’s fantastic the whole family get to be involved in CrossFit and we love it!